Dumb Love + Good Without

Epic Records x Mimi Webb
Strudel has been working with Mimi Webb since her TikTok debut over a year ago. In that time Mimi has grown into one of the UK's most exciting artists and become a TikTok sensation in her own right. With these two most recent releases Epic Records came to us to build a campaign that amplified Dumb Love and Good Without on TikTok.
As a UK artist we've always been focused on the UK, but growing Mimi's audience in the US was a huge priority. We used a combination of proactive and reactive strategies to seed the sound with hyper engaged fans and then amplified trends that emerged. By tracking content that organically over indexed, we were able to replicate emerging trends quickly to distribute to the audiences we wanted to reach resulting in huge UGC numbers on both sounds.
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Mimi Webb
Mimi Webb
Mimi Webb